Auckland, New Zealand City Youth Council

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Auckland, New Zealand

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 1984

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In 1984, Dame Catherine Tizard set up the ACYC so that the voices of the youth in New Zealand's largest city could be heard loud and clear. Since then the ACYC has kept on getting bigger and better - with members of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.

The ACYC has become a prominent, effective component of Auckland City, becoming involved in important issues and also organising successful events themselves.

The ACYC basically acts as an advocate (someone who can speak for you and your needs) for young people between 12 and 24, so your voice gets heard by the council.

Here's what we will try to do for you, and with you:

  • find, create and push for cool stuff for you to do
  • look at ways to improve your social and physical environment
  • recognise and celebrate the fact that everyone is different. What a boring world it would be otherwise
  • get rid of discrimination and prejudice
  • promote the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

ACYC meet every Monday:

  • 1st Monday of the month - training
  • 2nd Monday - project team meetings
  • 3rd Monday - formal meeting
  • 4th Monday - formal meeting follow-up

Formal Meetings are held on the level 15, Civic Building and are open to the public. Come along and watch, or if you've got something to say there is a Public Forum at the start of the meeting.

Note: if you would like to attend a meeting you will need to arrive before 5pm as that is when the main doors for the building close.