Benson, MN Establishing a Renewable Energy Center

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Benson, MN, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 5/8/06

Vote: In Favor - 3 Opposed - 0 Absent - 2

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WHEREAS: Benson is the home of numerous private businesses focused on renewable energy and products, and

WHEREAS: The City of Benson and Swift County are also well known for their own renewable energy and sustainable environmental practices, and

WHEREAS: An Exploration Team has been created to examine the feasibility of establishing a “renewable energy center” proposed to be known as the “Sustainable Technology And Renewables” Center or STAR Center in Benson, and

WHEREAS: The STAR Center may include space for educating visitors, the general public, and high school and college students about our renewable businesses and the technology they utilize, and

WHEREAS: The STAR Center may utilize renewable products and practices within its confines to demonstrate the benefits of these products and practices, and

WHEREAS: The STAR Center may offer a business incubator in which related businesses can get their start, and

WHEREAS: A grant is currently being prepared for submission to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through the program entitled: Industrial Ecology and Organizational Behavior. The purpose of the grant is as follows: “To encourage innovative thinking about practical applications of science (including social science) and engineering for sustainability, ORD is funding the Collaborative Science and Technology Network for Sustainability (CNS). CNS projects will bring together diverse sets of partners to explore and learn about new approaches for environmental protection that are systems-oriented, forward-looking, and preventive and also link to economic and social dimensions. The collection of funded projects will inform practical learning on analytical tools, collaborative approaches, and informed decision-making that support progress towards sustainability. The analytical tools developed will draw on a scientific understanding of the consequences of decisions and actions.”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the City Council of the City of Benson hereby support the application to the US EPA for grant funding to study the feasibility and plan for the development of the proposed STAR Center in Benson.

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