Miramar, FL Early Childhood Program

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Miramar, FL, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.ci.miramar.fl.us/serv/child-care/awardwinning.htm


The City of Miramar Early Childhood Program provides high quality child care for children. The vision of community which is provided through this program can color a child’s ideas and expectations about equity, cooperation and citizenship.

  • Each child is provided the physical, social, emotional and intellectual activities which enable them positive experiences.
  • Importance is placed on cooperative play.
  • Emergent literacy is the core emphasis of the anti-biased curriculum.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities and learning materials are taught by Child Development Associate Credentialed Teachers in a safe and secure environment.

The Early Childhood Program philosophy is based on the belief that a child care, preschool, after school or camp program; should provide the physical, social, emotional and intellectual activities which enable each child a positive learning experience.

The Early Childhood Program contributes to our community by providing secure and supervised learning and play. The overall program is designed to grow with each child’s needs. Age appropriate activities and an anti-bias curriculum shall be followed to assure quality learning experiences. Staff professionalism is a priority. Loyalty to the children, families and our City shall be conveyed at all times.

The Miramar Early Childhood Program curriculum is a researched based curricula that promotes our programs mission and philosophy.

Emergent literacy is the core emphasis of our anti-biased curriculum. Our age appropriate activities and anti-bias curriculum is followed to assure quality learning experiences.

The curriculum guidelines are established by the Florida School Readiness Performance Standards. Curriculum is annually updated to meet the Performance Standards.

Children must be registered before attending any of our programs. The following must be up-to-date and on file:

  • #1 Enrollment Card
  • Form 3040 Physical Examination & Form 680 up-to-date Immunizations.
  • Parents signature on Child Care Facility Brochure, Disciplinary Statement, Nutrition Agreement and all Consent Forms.

Preschool Tuition is due weekly each Monday prior to your child attending. Registration fees are due upon receipt of registration packet. Tuition, deposits and registration fees are non-refundable.

Students are allotted a 2-week vacation each school year beginning in September. Students must have been enrolled in the program for a minimum of 12 weeks and must put a request in writing prior to vacation for fees to be credited.