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Perth, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 2/19/08

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FILE NO. P1001740

The City of Perth recognises that affordable housing is an integral part of creating cities that are:

1. Socially just - inclusive, liveable places which encourage and support participation by all people in social, educational, economic and cultural activity.

2. Economically efficient - engaging businesses and citizens in participating and supporting a competitive and diverse economy including key workers to provide essential city functions.

3. Environmentally and socially sustainable - designing houses that are environmentally friendly and are responsive to privacy, safety, universal design and community development issues.

4. Diverse and vibrant - recognising that quality outcomes in the planning and development of urban areas can only be achieved when the diverse and changing needs of their citizens are understood and catered for.

The City of Perth will increase levels of affordable, secure, appropriate and accessible housing to:

  • maintain the internationally recognised liveability of the City of Perth;
  • maintain community diversity and prevent social polarisation into very rich and very poor areas;
  • build inclusive and sustainable communities;
  • maintain and enhance community engagement and the health and wellbeing of residents;
  • protect the urban area from the negative effects of development pressures.

Affordable housing as defined in this policy includes both affordable and social housing.

Affordable housing is defined as housing which is reasonably adequate in standard, safe, secure and appropriate to household needs and well located in relation to services, employment and transport and location. It generally targets low and middle income households on the lower 40% of the income distribution scale and is regarded as affordable where the mortgage or rent is no more than 30% of that household’s income.

Social housing includes public, not for profit and some community housing which is managed for the primary purpose of meeting social objectives such as affordable rents, responsible management and security of tenure.

In support of the affordable housing goals and objectives, the City of Perth is committed to the following eight courses of action:

1. Continue to develop and expand the stock of public and community housing.

2. Encourage partnerships between the public and private sectors.

3. Pursue amendments to the planning system and develop planning policies to encourage affordable housing.

4. Ensure the planning and design of affordable housing provides for appropriate quality of design, cost, location and access to transport and services, sustainability, tenure choice and social mix.

5. Continue to undertake research to identify housing affordability trends and issues.

6. Continue to work with State Government departments and non-profit housing organisations to provide affordable housing and housing services.

7. As a member of the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) lobby the Federal and State governments to initiate incentives for developers, investors and landlords to provide affordable and accessible new housing for people on low incomes.

8. As a CCCLM partner, advocate for the implementation of a National Affordable Housing Agreement between the three tiers of government.