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London, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Established on 6/13/07

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At the June 13, 2007 Mayor's Round Table on Alternative Energy session, a commitment was made to establish a Mayor's Sustainable Energy Council (MSEC) whose members - in addition to the Mayor - includes 18 people who will sit on the Council until 2010. The Council's membership has been determined and its inaugural meeting was held October 11, 2007.

The mandate of the Mayor's Sustainable Energy Council is to promote, encourage and support the development and implementation of practical research and initiatives, technologies, and investment in the area of sustainable energy, including energy conservation, efficiency, and alternative energy for the sustainable economic and environmental benefit and use of London and surrounding region.

Business and Academic Consultation session
The Mayor's Sustainable Energy Council (MSEC) held a Business and Academic Consultation session on November 26 to receive input from the business and academic sectors on the role and activities of MSEC. Each invited delegation made a presentation to MSEC on what they see as the priority sectors and projects for sustainable energy activities in London and Southwestern Ontario and how their organization can support MSEC or vice-versa.

Energy Use Inventory for London: Background Document
The 2006 Energy Use Inventory for London has been prepared for use as a background document for the November 26, 2007 Business and Academic Consultation with the Mayor's Sustainable Energy Council. Providing an overview on energy consumption in London and associated greenhouse gas emissions during the period from 1990 to 2006, it was prepared by the City of London in collaboration with London Hydro, the University of Western Ontario, Union Gas and Fanshawe College.

Terms of Reference

a) To aggregate and disseminate information on energy production, technology, usage and activities in London and the surrounding area;

b) To be a leader in the development and promotion of practical projects in sustainable energy, conservation and efficiency;

c) To support and champion industry initiatives currently under development in London and the surrounding area;

d) To actively encourage public and private investment in sustainable energy activities, in cooperation with existing agencies;

e) To advance public discussion and promote public involvement in the generation of creative solutions in sustainable energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency;

f) To promote, encourage, and support research in sustainable energy; and,

g) To write an annual review of the accomplishments and objectives of the Council.

A Steering Committee has been created to support the work of the Council. This Committee is composed of representatives of the City of London, the University of Western Ontario (UWO), Fanshawe College, London Hydro and the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC)

As stated in the media release of the Mayor's Round Table on Alternative Energy, it was agreed that the Council plans to focus on three areas:

Projects for Today could include a sustainability/conservation audit, Union Gas andLondon Hydro conservation management programs and a review of building standards with all levels of government.
Projects for Tomorrow will focus on initiatives currently underway in the industry which can be supported and championed by the Council. One example of this type of project could be the integration of renewable resources with conventional fuels.
Projects for the Future could include a review of new technologies being developed around the world.