Sydney, Australia Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plans

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Sydney, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Development ongoing

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Walking is an important mode of travel, both for solely pedestrian based journeys and also as part of trips for which the main mode of travel is by bus, rail and car.

Improvements to the pedestrian network's coherence, directness, safety, comfort, attractiveness and access through development of Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plans (PAMP's) is vital to maintaining and encouraging walking as the preferred travel choice for short trips within the City of Sydney. A PAMP for the inner east areas of the City of Sydney including Redfern, Surry Hills, Strawberry Hills, Paddington and Moore Park has recently been completed.

It is the City of Sydney's intention to continue developing PAMP's for the remainder of the Local Government Area during the oncoming years.

The South Sydney Pedestrian Action Plan can be downloaded in four parts:

Pedestrian & Access Mobility Plan (pages 1-30)

Pedestrian & Access Mobility Plan (pages 31-49)