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Columbus, OH, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Announced on 3/17/06

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Mayor’s Green Team
Green Principles

The City of Columbus is committed to achieving an environmentally sustainable community that meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, and accepts the responsibility to promote these Green Principles in policy decisions and programs.

1. Promote and implement environmental quality for current and future generations when making decisions regarding growth management, transportation, energy, water, air quality and economic development.

2. Provide for the needs of a growing population in a manner that enhances prosperity and sustains a diverse, resilient and healthy environment when establishing policy on land use, infrastructure development, open space preservation, healthy lifestyles, preservation of natural resources, growing food locally, and the greening of the city through tree planting and parks development. Prioritize the impact of regional consequences and opportunities.

3. Strengthen economic vitality and economic security within the community through environmentally based policies that create jobs, promote entrepreneurship, and expand green business opportunities. Promote products and services that enhance environmental, social and economic vigor by adopting and implementing sustainable procurement practices. Utilize research & development as a vital tool in promoting green economic development, seeking advancements and break-through technologies.

4. Reduce demand for natural resources through energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable land use. Promote construction of high-performance, green buildings based on long-term environmental impact and operating costs.

5. Promote waste management strategies that seek to reduce, reuse and recycle. Vastly improve awareness and participation in recycling programs in the community. Seek opportunities to reduce the waste stream of solid waste. Implement programs that address all forms of waste, including solid waste, wastewater and organic waste.

6. Encourage transportation and mobility alternatives that decrease use and dependence on petroleum-based fuels while improving outdoor air quality. Promote energy independence by seeking non-petroleum, renewable fuel sources. Support a variety of choices to the community that promote pedestrian access, transit, bikeways and healthy lifestyles.

The elected officials and staff of the City of Columbus serve as Environmental Stewards and will promote these Green Principles in a manner reflecting the following Values:

1. The City leads by example in order to achieve environmental gains with lasting value while serving as a role model to the private sector and community at large. All City departments contribute resources and commit to the stewardship role.

2. Awareness, education and environmental literacy are essential components of all implementation plans related to sustainable strategies. The City is committed to engaging the community, including non-native English speaking groups, in raising literacy regarding solutions to these environmental, economic and social challenges.

3. Collaboration with allied organizations, including surrounding communities, will be sought to leverage positive initiatives further into central Ohio. Partnerships will be joined in order to share investment expenses and more broadly reap rewards of sustainable programs.

4. Prioritize long term and cumulative impacts in decision-making on environmental issues. Understand and make decisions that promote long-term return on investment for the City’s capital spending and general procurement practices, including life-cycle costs.

5. Distribute the responsibility of environmental stewardship evenly throughout the community, because the benefits are distributed evenly. Assure fairness in how this burden is shared, mindful of economic and social circumstances.

6. Seek incentive-based strategies to promote sustainable, green practices throughout the business community and general public. Educate and inspire adherence to sound environmental practices. Balance incentive-based with standards-based, regulatory approaches.

7. Promote the highest quality of life possible for the citizens of Columbus in making all environmentally based decisions.

8. Measure results in achieving environmental quality, and report outcomes to the community annually.