AFSCME Local 2627 Anti-war Resolution

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New York City, NY, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 2/5/07

Vote: Unanimous

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Working people are paying for the War in Iraq with our lives and the lives of our sons and daughters. Over 3,000 US military personnel have died in Iraq.

We are paying for the war with our tax dollars. So far, the war has cost in excess of $364-billion. Over $12-billion of this has come from New York City. It is estimated that the final total cost of the war may top $2-trillion.

And we are paying for the war by the loss of services in our communities. We need these resources to go into healthcare, schools, and the social safety net. We need these resources to rebuild in the aftermath of Katrina.

While we were told the war was to make the world safer, in fact, the world is less safe now that it was when the war began four years ago.

Therefore: We call for an immediate withdrawal of all US forces and bases from Iraq.

We call for Congress to halt all funds for military activities of any kind in Iraq except for the safe withdrawal of all our military forces.

We call for full veterans’ benefits, including adequate health care and other support for returning troops, veterans, and their families.

We call for reconstruction aid so that Iraqis, under their own direction and control, can rebuild their devastated country.

We call for our tax dollars to be redirected to meet human needs at home and abroad.