University of Missouri Rape Education Office

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Status: Ongoing

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What is the MU Rape Education Office?
The MU Rape Education Office is a comprehensive sexual assault education and resource service, which is an auxiliary of MSA/GPC in collaboration with the MU Women’s Center. Housed within 205 Brady Commons, this resource center is driven by the work of four dedicated student organizations: the Peer Rape Educators, the Greek Advocates, STAR (Stronger Together Against Rape), and MARS (Men Against Rape & Sexual Assault).

Mission of the Rape Education Office

  • To increase awareness of the problem of sexual assault on our campus, in our community and in our society
  • To decrease the prevalence of rape and sexual assault on the MU campus and to serve as a resource for students
  • To work towards social change by increasing support for victims/survivors and by holding perpetrators accountable

Rape Education Office Resources
Our office is staffed by students and graduate assistants who are available to provide information and support to survivors and their partners, families and friends. We provide referrals for counseling, medical and legal services.

The various resources available in our office include:

  • A book and video library
  • Informative brochures
  • Journal articles
  • Popular media articles
  • Packets of information for female and male survivors of sexual violence, friends and partners of survivors of sexual violence, and for students doing research in this area

We encourage you to visit our office and to utilize our expertise and resources. Currently we have a staff of over 30 undergraduate volunteers and two graduate students serving as co-coordinators of the office.