Cornwall County, England Sustainable Development Plan

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Cornwall County, England

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Type: Policy

Status: Initiated in 2000

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Cornwall County Council provides a wide range of services that are designed to improve the lives and well-being of the people of Cornwall.

These services include:

  • Social care
  • Fire services
  • Transport planning and roads maintenance
  • Waste planning (household, commercial and mineral) and the management of household waste
  • Spatial planning
  • Education and library services
  • Trading Standards and Registration services
  • Fisheries protection
  • Conservation and enhancement of Cornwall's natural and historic and environment

In order to provide these services, the County Council employs over sixteen thousand staff working in over seven hundred buildings throughout the County.

In 2000, the government introduced a new "power of well being" for local authorities to work to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of the communities they serve. Hence the County Council developed a Community Strategy in conjunction with other authorities and agencies, along with a series of specific actions (called Local Public Service Agreements) and a subsequent set of actions (called Local Area Agreements) funded by central government to address local issues.

In order to make progress towards achieving sustainable development objectives, the County Council has entered into an agreement to work with the leading UK sustainable development charity Forum for the Future. This has involved assessing our progress and commitments against a "sustainability standard", working towards a shared understanding of sustainable development and the development of action plans to make progress under the key themes set out below.

Our definition of sustainable development:
"A dynamic process which enables all people to realise their potential and improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the earth's life support systems."

Our commitment to sustainable development
"Cornwall County Council promotes sustainable development for the benefit of one and all in the management and delivery of all its services through integrated social, economic and environmental objectives"; seeking to achieve its vision of "a strong and sustainable community for One and All."

Our "purpose" for sustainable development:
For Cornwall County Council, the goal of sustainable development will be pursued by integrated actions designed to achieve a sustainable, innovative and productive economy that delivers high levels of employment; and a just society that promotes social inclusion, sustainable communities and personal wellbeing. This will be done in ways that protect and enhance the physical and natural environment, and use resources and energy as efficiently as possible.

Similar objectives will inform all our endeavours with partner organisations, with the County Council promoting sustainable solutions to today's most pressing environmental, economic and social problems.

Cornwall County Council Sustainable Development Plan (3.2Mb)