University of Buffalo, NY Environmentally Sound Products Procurement Policy

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University of Buffalo, NY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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The University at Buffalo, through its strong commitment to environmental protection, will seek to utilize the fullest extent possible, “environmentally friendly” products which, to whatever extent possible, have the following attributes or qualities:

  • Durable, as opposed to the single-use or disposable items
  • Made of recycled materials, maximizing post-consumer content
  • Non-toxic or minimally toxic, preferably biodegradable
  • Highly energy efficient in production and use
  • Can be recycled, but if not recyclable, may be disposed of safely
  • Made from raw materials obtained in an environmentally sound, sustainable manner by companies with good environmental track records
  • Causing minimal or no environmental damage during normal use or maintenance
  • Shipped with minimal packaging (consistent with care of the product), preferably made of recycled and/ or recyclable materials
  • Produced locally or regionally (to minimize the environmental cost associated with shipping)

(Signed) Robert J. Wagner
Senior Vice President for University Services