Wellington, New Zealand Biodiversity Action Plan

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Wellington, New Zealand

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Type: Policy

Status: Initiated in 2007

Source File: http://www.wellington.govt.nz/plans/policies/biodiversity/pdfs/07action.pdf



What is a biodiversity action plan?
This action plan coordinates Wellington City Council’s biodiversity activities and identifies local priorities and actions to protect and restore biodiversity. These biodiversity activities include pest control, revegetation planting, and partnerships with other organisations and groups. Wellington’s biodiversity action plan ensures that the national targets set by the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy (2000) are translated into local action.

The vision statement for this action plan is:
Wellington is a city that protects and restores biodiversity and proudly showcases its natural areas. It is a city renowned for its kaitiakitanga, its environmental guardianship.

This document describes what biodiversity is, why it’s important, what mechanisms we have in place for its protection and what we are doing to manage our biodiversity assets. It also gives a profile of Wellington’s biodiversity, focusing on main ecosystems or habitats.

The action plan identifies the programmes designed to achieve the vision of this plan, and the corresponding responsibilities, funding sources and timeframes.

The emphasis of this strategy is on Wellington’s indigenous biodiversity. The term ‘Wellington’s biodiversity’ means the indigenous biodiversity that occurs naturally in Wellington.