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Steele County, Minn

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Title: Green Source 2020


TheGreen Source 2020 is a standing committee of the Steele County Board of Commissioners comprised of eleven County citizens from throughout Steele County who are voting members, plus ex-officio representatives from several County Departments and other local non-profit or governmental agencies.

Green Source 2020 Mission Statement December 2001. The Mission of Green Source 2020 is to promote the economic, environmental, social and cultural well-being of the inhabitants of Steele County. Green Source 2020 will help identify and formulate collective community visions, perpetuate the legacy and develop common goals for our county.

The county should work to ensure that: · Growth occurs simultaneously with the preservation of the county's heritage · Future expansion safeguards our healing water, our clean air, and other environmental quality of life values · Smart growth is achieved amidst multiple developers · Environmental stewardship is fostered in the county, its cities and its townships · Aesthetic values are recognized and achieved within any future expansion · The county develops and implements short-term, mid-range and long-term planning to protect farmlands and natural lands

All of the above efforts require interaction and cooperation with and between public and private bodies and groups. The entire Steele County Community needs to be involved in respecting and securing our heritage and in enhancing our present and future.

Waste audits and technical assistance visits support businesses and churches in waste reduction, pollution prevention and energy conservation efforts.

Informational displays and accompanying materials are available to businesses and organizations including "What Is A Sustainable Community?", "Low Input Lawn Care" and "Steele County Water and Land Use Over the Years."

Steele County Green Source 2020