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Bridgeport, CT, US

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Type: Municipal Code

Status: Adopted on 11/7/05

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3.16.170 Motor vehicle property tax check-off for local scholarship fund.

A. Pursuant to Section 12-169a. Motor vehicle property tax check-off for local scholarship fund of General Statutes of the state of Connecticut to wit:

1. Bridgeport shall redesign and designate a place on its municipal motor vehicle property tax bill for taxpayers to check off amounts to donate to the local scholarship fund. The redesign of such tax bill shall be done so as to allow a taxpayer to voluntarily check off and donate an amount of at least one dollar ($1.00). The donated amount shall not reduce the tax liability but shall be in addition to the amount otherwise due and payable. The redesign of the motor vehicle property tax bill shall be approved by the office of policy and management prior to its use. Where feasible the city will include an insert with its motor vehicle property tax bills which explains the scholarship fund and the check-off provision to the taxpayer. The town treasurer shall deposit all moneys collected as a result of the check-off in the fund and the treasurer may accept donations from other sources for purposes of the fund.

2. Under separate action the city council will either establish a board or commission or designate an existing board, commission or a committee or designate an existing nonprofit organization, exempt from federal income tax to serve as its scholarship committee. This committee will be responsible for establishing all rules, practices and procedures to oversee the application process for these scholarships as well as determine the rules, practices and procedures for disbursement of these funds. All funds generated must be used for post-secondary education scholarships. No funds shall be used for any administrative cost with the exception of the printing and disbursement of applications and the advertising and promotion of the scholarship process.

3. The city may establish under its budget and appropriations process a goal of contributing up to a maximum of a one hundred (100%) percent match for the first twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) raised under this check-off system. The city may appropriate additional amounts of matching funds at the same or differing percentages, with or without limitations, to further promote participation in this voluntary program.

4. The ordinance codified in this chapter shall be implemented by the city once it is feasible to do so, taking into account the technical capabilities of the tax collector’s office, office of policy and management (OPM), treasurer’s office, and information technology services department (ITS). (Ord. dated 11/7/05)