Toronto, Ontario Commercial Washer Rebate Program

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Toronto, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Receive up to $125
The City of Toronto offers property owners and managers up to $125 cash back for each new high-efficiency (HE) commercial washer that is purchased or leased. Compared to conventional top-loading commercial washers, a new HE (front-loading) commercial washer can lower the cost of your annual water and energy bills by at least $860 per washing machine*.

  • City of Toronto’s Multi-unit clothes washer study, 1999

Cash incentive amounts

Leased washers
Property owners receive $100 cash back for each new HE commercial washer that has been leased and installed in your facility. The route operators with whom you have a valid lease agreement may be eligible to receive $25 per leased washer.

Purchased washers
Receive $125 cash back for the purchase and installation of each new HE commercial washer in your facility.

Who is eligible?

  • Owners of multi-unit residential properties
  • Public and private institutions with common-area laundries
  • Coin laundry stores
  • Businesses with on-premise washing machines (i.e. beauty salons, health clubs)
  • Route operators with valid lease agreements with participating facilities

Participating facilities must have a City of Toronto water account and a water meter.

Eligible washers
All high-efficiency (HE) front-loading commercial washers are eligible for the cash back offer. Front-loading washers utilize a horizontal-axis design that saves water and energy.