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Ottawa, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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The mandate of the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee is to provide advice and guidance to Ottawa City Council and its Departments, on issues, policies and programs, which reflect the City's commitment to a variety of travel modes, and that achieve the appropriate balance in a way that contributes to our City's overall quality of life, and that have an impact on a citizen's ability to travel in Ottawa. The goal of the Committee is to give advice to provide a liveable and environmentally friendly city that is accessible and safe to commute by bicycle, motor vehicle and other methods of road transportation, and where such means is an integral part of a publicly supported and balanced transportation system. The Committee will specifically advise on transportation issues related to cycling, traffic-safety (including education, area and neighbourhood traffic management including traffic-calming) and other transportation-related policies and programs.

The Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee shall be responsible for:

  • Providing a forum for citizens and community associations to raise issues and concerns related to roads, cycling and other transportation issues in the City, and reviewing suggestions and concerns from citizens.
  • Advising on transportation issues (cycling, roads and related transportation matters) as they affect the City of Ottawa Official Plan, Secondary Plans, programs, budget and overall policy development, including monitoring the implementation of said plans and evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Providing advice on physical infrastructure related to the road network and cycling network, including planning, design standards, operations and maintenance.
  • Providing advice on by-laws, legislation and regulations that have an impact on the road network and cycling network, and its applicable users.
  • Providing advice on neighbourhood, corridor and area traffic conditions (including traffic calming and area traffic management).
  • Providing advice and guidance on matters pertaining to education on overall road safety and cycling related issues, and the development of policies and programs in accordance with its mandate.
  • Promoting bicycle use as a means of improving the health of Ottawa residents.
  • Representing the interests of all cyclists in the City of Ottawa.
  • Providing advice on environment, air quality and economic development issues related to transportation and cycling.
  • Providing advice on integration of transit/bicycle trips.
  • Providing advice and guidance on other transportation related issues within the Committee's mandate, as required.
  • Working with the Transportation, Utilities and Public Works Department and outside agencies that have contracts with the City on roads and cycling-related issues.
  • Liaising with outside agencies on issues of mutual interest (e.g. the National Capital Commission, local school boards and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation).

The Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee shall have a citizen membership of 9-15, and shall include the following:

  • Up to 12 members at large (who shall have diverse geographical representation and varied cycling and transportation experience and/or interests) and with a minimum of one citizen appointment representing the rural community;
  • One representative from each of the following area cycling organizations (Citizens for Safe Cycling, Ottawa Bicycle Club, Kanata-Nepean Bicycle Club).*
  • Should any of the aforementioned groups fail to nominate a representative within the required timeframe, the seat for that year shall be filled by another member appointed at large.

The process for choosing membership for the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee shall be in accordance with the approved Appointments Policy. Both the Transportation Committee and Ottawa City Council shall approve all appointments to the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee.

In addition, the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee shall have in a resource, liaison and/or advisory capacity, the following:

  • 1 staff representative from the Transportation, Utilities and Public Works Department (non-voting) who will attend the formal advertised Committee meeting held every second month.
  • A minimum of 1 member of Ottawa City Council, appointed by Council to act as a liaison (non-voting)

The Committee shall meet formally every second month for a total of no more than six formal meetings per year. City support, an advertised agenda and public delegations will be provided/permitted at the formal Committee meetings. The Committee may chose to informally meet on the alternate month, however, will not receive City support, an advertised agenda or receive public delegations.

The Chair of the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee will provide a concise summary of meeting proceedings to the Chair of the Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee. In addition, meeting notes, if any, deriving from the alternate informal meeting will be provided to the Advisory Committee Coordinator.

Staff items related to the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee that may require urgent and timely consideration in regard to processing to the Standing Committee, may be facilitated through any one of the following options dependent on the subject matter and timing involved:

1. With the consent of both Advisory Committee Chairs, the item may be placed on, and advertised through, the public agenda of the next Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee monthly meeting. The item would be considered in the context of processing and approval for submission to the Standing Committee. Should the item not receive a majority consensus from the Advisory Committee, after public delegations, it will be withdrawn from the agenda.

2. With the consent of both Advisory Committee Chairs, the standard schedule may be adjusted to permit back-to-back Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee meetings during the "off month" time frame (i.e. two formal meetings over a two month period). This option is subject to staff availability as well as time remaining within the six month meeting allocation and shall not increase the standard number of meetings per year (i.e. six).

3. Staff may consult with Members of the Advisory Committee in accordance with the City's Public Participation Policy in the absence of a formal meeting being held.

Lead Department/Reporting Relationship
The Transportation, Utilities and Public Works Department shall be the lead department for the Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee. The Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee shall report to the Transportation Committee and City Council.

Workplans and Annual Reports
The Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee must report annually to City Council through the Transportation Committee (timing to be determined by the Committee Chair, Committee Coordinator and City Clerk) on the activities of the Committee in the current year and on the Committee's workplan for the following year.

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