Mt. Pleasant, MI Resolution on Farmland Preservation Program

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 10/25/04

Vote: Unanimous

Source File:


Resolution of Support for Isabella County Farmland Preservation Program

WHEREAS, Agriculture and farmland is important to our community by generating economic revenue, providing important environmental benefits, maintaining our rural character and open spaces, and by contributing to our quality of life; and

WHEREAS, Agricultural land continues to be converted to other uses as the population moves out into the more rural agricultural areas of our community which greatly effects both agricultural and urban land use; and

WHEREAS, The Michigan Land Use Leadership Council has determined that the preservation of farmland and open space has a real and positive effect upon the economic and quality of life indicators of our urban core areas; and

WHEREAS, The Isabella County Board of Commissioners has developed a farmland preservation program designed specifically for this county and has adopted the Isabella County Farmland Preservation Ordinance; and

WHEREAS, The County can qualify to receive up to 75 percent matching funds from the Michigan Agricultural Preservation Fund for farmland preservation programs, provided there is at least 25 percent in matching funds from landowner donations, local governments, conservancies and/or other non-state sources; and

WHEREAS, The County will coordinate and administer the County Farmland Preservation Program in the spirit of cooperation with other local units of government including our core urban areas; and

WHEREAS, The County Farmland Preservation Ordinance offers a voluntary option for owners of farmland who are interested in protecting their farmland by participating in the purchase of development rights program;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the City Commission of the City of Mt. Pleasant supports the efforts of the Isabella County Board of Commissioners to establish and fund an active farmland preservation program and encourages landowners of eligible farmland within the County to make application to the County Farmland Preservation Program.