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Columbia, MO, US

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Type: Program

Status: Initiated in 2006

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GetAbout Columbia is an exciting opportunity for everyone in our community to think differently about how we get about town, and experience the benefits and enjoyment of walking and biking.

Whether it's a quick stroll to your lunch destination, a short bike ride to the store, a daily commute to the office, or a weekend journey on the trail with friends or family, GetAbout Columbia is for you.

Get The History
In 2006, Columbia was selected as one of four communities in the nation to participate in the Federal Highway Administration's Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot program. Columbia's designation as a pilot city came with $22 million in federal funds over a four-year period to help build infrastructure and establish national standards for public awareness and willingness to use active modes of transportation.

A federally commissioned study conducted between September 2006 and January 2007 indicates 88 percent of Columbia residents primarily make trips by auto. An additional 8.6 percent walk as a primary means of transportation and 1.5 percent ride bicycles. For more study information visit the city of Columbia's website.

What's The Plan?
We Columbians are justifiably proud of our city's walking and biking infrastructure. GetAbout Columbia is going to make it even better!

Through additions and improvements to our network of walking and biking opportunities, GetAbout Columbia will increase the choices for safe and fun travel around town. More than 125 miles of new bikeways, pedways and sidewalks are in the works including approximately:

  • 66 additional miles of streets with striped bike lanes
  • 23 miles of streets with marked bike routes
  • 19 miles of multi-use paths and trails
  • 900 new bicycle parking spots in the downtown area.

The infrastructure plan also includes improved signage to heighten visibility of trail access points and connections, and street intersection enhancements.

The project office, located at 101 N. Seventh St., will be planning and coordinating infrastructure improvements and conducting classes, workshops and activities related to the program.

GetAbout Columbia can improve our community and help people think differently about how we get around town. Go ahead—see where GetAbout Columbia will take you, your family and our community!

Advisory Committee
The advisory committee was appointed by the Mayor to assist the City Council in carrying out the GetAbout Columbia project, which is the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program funded by the federal government. Meetings are generally held once each quarter. The full committee consists of about 30 members of the community who serve as liaisons between the program and the entire community.

Executive Committee
The Executive committee oversees and coordinates the activities of the subcommittees. It approves items form the subcommittees and submits them to the Council. Chairmen from the two subcommittees form the Executive Committee, which is lead by the Mayor.