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Lehigh University, PA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.lehigh.edu/dining/about_sustainability.html


Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

Bio-degradable Coffee Cup
Check out our bio-degradable cups from Starbuck's and Seattle's Best. Grab a hot cup of a fair trade coffee beverage, including organic blends and your favorite speciality espresso drink from any of our retail locations: Baker's Junction, Lucy's Cafe, & Common Grounds.

Eco-friendly Coffee Mug
Bring in your own coffee mug and receive $0.99 refills. Refill 9 times, and get the 10th free! $0.99 refills available for drip coffee only at the following retail locations: Common Grounds, Baker's Junction, Lucy's Cafe at Linderman Library, Hawk's Nest, and Subversions. Also applies at Rathbone's Coffee Station at the front entrance. Feel free to fill up your mug on the way out of the Cort Lower U.C., Rathbone and Brodhead Student Restaurants once you have paid for your meal.

We are currently offering a 100% corn based packaging product available as an alternative option in most retail locations on campus. For more information, please visit http://www.f-k.com.

Eco-Takeout Containers
By purchasing reusable products and containers you can reduce waste. This helps minimize the cost of managing solid waste and often conserves materials and resources.

You purchase two containers. We hold on for you and the next time you dine with us, swap your used container in exchange for a freshly sanitized one.

Coming this fall. Look for updates at your student restaurants!

Weighing the Waste
Every year, thousands of pounds of food are wasted in our dining halls. Sometimes, students pile more food on their trays and never actually touch it. Do your part by taking what you know you can eat, and you can always go up for more - that's the point of all-you-care-to-eat dining at all of our student restaurants! Going "Trayless" will allow you to better control the amount of food you take every day.

Eco-friendly products

Xpressnap Nakin Holders
These special napkin holders reduce waste generation by guaranteeing a 25% decrease in napkin usage.

Eco-Friendly Dish Detergent
We use Geosystem 9000 from Ecolab at all dining locations on campus. This system delivers high-performance results without employing highly alkaline chemicals using a non-corrosive, tablet form of detergent. Uses less energy than a conventional detergent, requires 98% less packaging, and produces wastewater with fewer harmful chemicals.

Smarter Fuel
We have negotiated a waste management contract with Smarter Fuel, a bio-diesel fuel company owned and operated by David Dunham, Lehigh University class of 2003. LU Dining Services donates 100% of our fryer grease to create bio-diesel fuel. For more information, please visit http://www.smarterfuel.com.

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