Chicago, IL Energy Plan

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Chicago, IL, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in 2001

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The City of Chicago plans to meet its growing electricity needs through 2010 using renewable energy, energy management, cogeneration, and distributed energy sources, according to an energy plan released in 2001. The plan estimates that even with the higher cost of renewable energy, Chicago will save more than $260 million by 2010. Chicago is already working with four city agencies and 48 suburban governments to purchase 20 percent of their combined power needs from renewable energy sources. The city is also building a distributed source of electricity by amassing the capabilities of the emergency backup generators located at city facilities. Together, these generators will be equivalent to one 10-megawatt power plant. The City of Chicago is also examining its facilities for the possibility of installing small power plants that also generate useable heat -- such combined heat and power facilities, also called cogeneration plants, operate at high efficiencies.