New Castle County, DE Buy From Your Neighbor Program

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New Castle County, DE, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Buy From Your Neighbor is a program begun by New Castle County Executive Chris Coons to encourage consumers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants to seek out and purchase Delaware-grown products. Look and ask for Buy From Your Neighbor products where you shop.

It is vital that we maintain the viability of our local farms by supporting the purchase of locally-grown products. We want to send a message that farms are critical to the quality of life we cherish in the county.

A strong farm economy creates local jobs, provides nutritious food and preserves the close-knit communities of our state.

Here you will learn about New Castle County's Buy From Your Neighbor program and find information on:

  • Delaware crops and harvest schedule
  • Farmers Markets
  • Supermarkets selling local produce
  • Farms selling their own produce
  • Restaurants serving food made from local produce
  • Fun farm activities for families and groups
  • New Castle County Farm Facts
  • Recipes from Farm Families
  • Kids Page

Buy From Your Neighbor Restaurant Week 2008
September 19 - 26

We'll be kicking the week off with THE FARMER AND THE CHEF - a March of Dimes event at the Chase Riverfront Center on September 18. Check the website periodically as more information is added.