Kansas City, MO Academy for Sustainable Communities

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Kansas City, MO, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.marc.org/Sustain/about.asp


What is the Academy for Sustainable Communities?

The Academy for Sustainable Communities is a new training program presented by the Mid-America Regional Council. The academy offers seminars, technical workshops, roundtable discussions and other special events featuring nationally known speakers focused on how the Kansas City region can serve as a model of sustainability by emphasizing environmental, economic and social success.

A varied curriculum will support community, local government and business initiatives to create quality places and environmental excellence. The academy also will enhance programs currently conducted by MARC on topics such as green infrastructure, transportation, and land-use planning and development.

Why now?

Citizens of the Kansas City region are expressing interest in their environment by purchasing green products and exploring environmentally friendly ways to heat their homes, travel to work and consume everyday items. Today more than ever, the resources to create quality and sustainable communities are available to our local companies, non-profits and government agencies.

The Academy for Sustainable Communities will share information, tools and techniques that will allow those involved with local government and area communities to help the region develop into one where people most want to live — and will still want to live in 100 years from now.

What does MARC bring to an academy like this?

MARC is in the unique position of being able to tap into the resources of all of its environment and community development–focused programs and departments. In addition, MARC's Government Training Institute (GTI), which will provide the structure for the academy's courses, has a proven record of providing quality, affordable training opportunities to government and non-profit agencies in the Kansas City region.