Hamilton, Ontario Green Fleet Plan

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Hamilton, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in May 2005

Source File: http://www.myhamilton.ca/


As a large consumer of energy the City has an influential role in developing more efficient vehicle technology that reduces both energy consumption and environmental impact.

Biodiesel for the entire City fleet and hybrid electric vehicles for the Corporate Fleet are being recommended as practical and affordable tactics. Participation in anti-idling campaigns has proven to be successful and this plan includes a new anti-idling policy for City vehicles.

The Green Fleet Implementation Plan is a way to implement affordable and sustainable vehicle technology that clearly demonstrates the City’s leadership role toward reducing its environmental impact. It is a component of Objective 8 in the City’s “Roadmap to Sustainability”, making substantial progress toward the City’s overall plan for improving the environment. It contributes to “VISION 2020” goals for a healthy, sustainable city. It also implements recommended policies from the Transportation Master Plan.


1. Green Fleet Implementation Plan - May 2005
2. Green Fleet Implementation Plan Update - August 2006