Christchurch, New Zealand Arts Policy and Strategy

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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The Christchurch City Council is committed to achieving an enlivened and creative city in which the arts are widely recognised as being essential.

In developing the Arts Policy and Strategy the Council has recognised the key role of the arts in the City’s social, cultural and economic development, and as a vehicle for urban renewal and city marketing.

The arts play a vital role in improving the lives of citizens and should be encouraged for their social and cultural value as well as commercial potential.

This strategy aims to support the development of local artists, generate new employment opportunities, develop opportunities for arts expression and participation as well as improving the quality of the built environment we will leave behind for future generations.

Artworks in Public Places - 5 Year Plan
In the Christchurch City Council’s 2003/04 annual plan, an allocation was made for providing artworks in public places. There is an ongoing need for Council to plan how to allocate funding towards projects that provide artworks in public places.

This plan describes a process for identifying opportunities for artworks in public places, and for helping to prioritise them, so it can be used to guide decision making regarding public artworks.