University of Maine Vehicle Idle Policy

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Type: Policy

Status: In Effect

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The purpose of this policy is to eliminate unnecessary idling of all vehicles on university property. Vehicle idling wastes fuel, degrades air quality, and causes unnecessary emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases that enhance the natural greenhouse effect. This policy is in accordance with the University of Maine's efforts to reduce CO2 emissions under the Governor's Carbon Challenge.

It is the policy of the University of Maine at Orono to continually improve the efficient use of vehicle fuels in an effort to reduce emissions and operating costs. To reduce overall emissions on campus and improve air quality, all vehicles on university property are prohibited to idle unnecessarily. Vehicle operators will adhere to the following standards:

1) Idling is prohibited (with the limited exceptions listed below) when the ambient temperature is above 32° F.
2) 5 minute maximum idle time limit when ambient temperature is 32° F and below.
3) Vehicles will not be left idling when the operator is away from the vehicle (with the limited exceptions listed below).
4) Idling is prohibited in "No Idle Zones". Signs indicate the location of these zones.

The following exceptions apply to this policy:

  • Emergency response vehicles when responding to an emergency.
  • Vehicles that must maintain a specific temperature for onboard materials.
  • Health or safety reasons (e.g., severe weather conditions, use of vehicle safety features).
  • Below 0°F for diesel vehicles.
  • Traffic conditions
  • Supervisors may approve exemptions for specific vehicles if necessary.