Kenyon College, OH Statement of Sustainability

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Kenyon College, OH, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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By adopting an environmental policy, Kenyon College hopes to address the needs of the coming years through introducing change at the individual and institutional levels. It is hoped that this policy will not only guide Kenyon's policy decisions but also reflect a way of life at Kenyon. Students at Kenyon College have always been among the best and the brightest in the nation, continually excelling in our studies and our careers after college. Environmental stewardship is the next step for Kenyon students to take and a vital area in which we should demonstrate leadership.

Our environmental policy is a broad-reaching statement modeled after those of private liberal arts colleges around the nation. We hope to make decisions that will continually show our care for the environment, the surrounding community, and future generations at this college and in the world at large.

Kenyon Statement of Sustainability
As a liberal arts college, Kenyon College recognizes that it has a responsibility to its students, the surrounding community, and future generations to make conscious decisions that reflect the changing nature of the environment. Kenyon understands that creating a sustainable campus as well as showing respect and care for the environment should be among the core values that guide our teaching, research, service, and administrative decisions.