Summit County, OH Youth Employment for Success

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Summit County, OH, US

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Type: Program

Status: Last Updated in 2000

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About YES
Summit County YES provides academic support, leadership development, job skills training, and subsidized employment to Summit County youth to help them meet their academic and career goals.

In 2004, Summit County YES was named an Achievement Award Winner by the National Association of Counties for being an innovative program that contributes to and enhances county government in the United States.

Who We Serve
Summit County youth, age 16-18, who are in school and meet federal financial eligibility requirements. Youth may also have a barrier to success, including learning disabilities, truancy problems, or being behind a grade level. Foster children and pregnant or parenting youth may also qualify for our program.

For nearly 30 years Summit County has provided employment opportunities to at-risk youth, primarily through summer programs. Changes in workforce legislation in 2000 led to the development of the current Summit County YES, which is a more comprehensive and year-round program. In addition to the traditional work component, YES now includes the Program Elements listed in the link below.

Program Elements