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Type: Program

Status: Launched in 2001

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What is a GreenBike?
The UMaine GreenBike Program encourages the use of bicycles to move around campus and the local community rather than the use of motor vehicles by providing free bicycle transportation to everyone. GreenBikes are single speed bicycles in all shapes and sizes. All GreenBikes have coaster breaks. All GreenBikes are free for the using. All GreenBikes are for everyone.

Where do the UMaine GreenBikes come from?
The UMaine GreenBikes Program started in 2001 as a grassroots project by the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC). SEAC rebuilt about 50 donated bicycles per year through 2003. In 2004, Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) started managing the program. PIKE continues the tradition of receiving donated bikes, rebuilding them, painting them green, and placing them around campus for use by visitors, students, faculty and staff. PIKE currently rebuilds about 100 bikes per year. Bikes are donated by students, faculty, and staff, as well as local community members and municipal police departments. Donated bikes are inspected, tested, and modified/repaired as necessary to ensure safety to those who ride them before they become GreenBikes and are put into service for public use.

How does the UMaine GreenBike Program work?
If you need a ride, and there is a GreenBike handy in the bike rack, hop on and ride to wherever you are going. When you get there, leave the GreenBike in the bike rack, outside the store downtown, outside your apartment, or other visible location for the next person to use. It may or may not be there when you come out of class, leave your meeting, or go to return to your office or apartment. Then again, there may be one or more other GreenBikes added to the rack while you were gone. All GreenBikes are free for the using. All GreenBikes are for everyone.

What can I do to help support the UMaine GreenBike Program?
PI Kappa Alpha, UMaine Recycles, and supporters of the program envision many more GreenBikes on campus in the future. This is a community-based project, by and for the community, and your help is always appreciated, and needed, to ensure the success of the UMaine GreenBikes Program. Here is what you can do to help:

1. Please do not lock up GreenBikes.
2. Please do not hide or store GreenBikes for your exclusive use.
3. Please do not abuse the GreenBikes.
4. If you come across a broken GreenBike, and you are so inclined to lend a hand and repair it, please do.
5. If you have one or more bicycles to donate to the program, please drop them off at The Depot Recycling and Redemption Center on campus (see above for information on The Depot).
6. If you can not bring donated or damaged GreenBikes to us, please call us and we will come pick them up. Please call the Pi Kappa Alpha house at 207-866-2108 to arrange a pick up.
7. If you are a local business and you want to help by donating bicycles, tools, work space, or your time, please call Pi Kappa Alpha at 207-866-2108 for additional information.
8. Please ride with caution.
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