Kelowna, British Columbia "Be Pesticide Free"

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Kelowna, Canada

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 12/10/07

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THAT Council endorse the:

(a) Implementation of a Pesticide Bylaw restricting the use of cosmetic, non-essential pesticides partnered with a comprehensive “Be Pesticide Free” education campaign, with an exemption for certified applicators to continue to use pesticides; and

(b) A plan that the Kelowna Parks Division will pursue PlantHealth BC accreditation in 2008 and City staff will encourage private industry to also pursue accreditation; and

(c) Once PlantHealth BC is deemed successful by City staff, an amendment will be recommended to Council in 2008 to require mandatory PlantHealth BC accreditation for all pesticide applicators as part of the Pesticide Bylaw.

Once the wording of the Pesticide Bylaw is adopted by City Council, the bylaw will be posted here (source file).