Christchurch, New Zealand Computers In The Community Project

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 2000

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Giving community groups access to computers and the Internet
The Computers in the Community project helps community groups gain access to computer technology and the Internet. It works through a partnership between Molten Media Community Trust, the Christchurch City Council and the Canterbury Development Corporation. Support from the business community is also vital to its success.

Computers in the Community was started in 2000 after numerous requests from the public to the Council for help with accessing computers.

Molten Media Community Trust had been making donations of recycled computers and subsidised computer technology to community groups for several years. By working with the Council and the Canterbury Development Corporation, more computers have been able to be refurbished and distributed to the community.

The benefits of the Computers in the Community project are social, economic and environmental.

As well as making computers and computer technology available to more Christchurch people, the project provides training in computer repairs and technology. Unemployed volunteers from work schemes such as Workbridge and WINZ have gained hands on experience in the computer industry, while assisting at Molten Media Community Trust.

Approximately 60 - 80 tons a year of electronic and computer hardware is diverted from landfill by Molten Media Community Trust.

Why is Christchurch City Council involved?
The Computers in the Community Project was set up in response to numerous requests from the community to the Christchurch City Council for help with accessing computers.

The Council wanted to support community groups in gaining increased access to the internet and information technology. Computers can provide groups with a wealth of information for community projects, activities and advocacy and allow for diverse cultures and values to be reflected. By working in partnership with Molten Media Community Trust and Canterbury Development Corporation, we are able to work towards this vision.

This project has broad social, economic and environmental benefits which are in line with Council's vision of a 'sustainable' Christchurch.