St Louis, MO Disposal and Recycling of Cellular Phones

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St Louis, MO, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Introduced on 4/27/07 (not passed)

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An ordinance pertaining to the disposal of cellular telephones; prohibiting the disposal of cellular telephones except as provided herein; requiring cellular telephone vendors to accept used cellular telephones, further requiring cellular telephone vendors to offer to ship, at no cost, used cellular telephones to a recycling program conducted by such vendors; containing definitions and a penalty clause.


SECTION ONE. Definitions:

(1) “Cellular Telephone” shall mean an instrument that is or was capable of sending or receiving telephone communications without an access line for service regardless of whether such instrument is operable and shall include, but not be limited to cellular, analog, wireless and digital telephones including any batteries used therein.

(2) “Cellular Telephone Vendor” shall mean any person or entity engaged in the business of selling, renting, or distributing cellular telephones.

(3) “Dispose” shall mean placing into or allowing entry into any refuse container from which the Refuse Division collects refuse.

SECTION TWO. Cellular telephone disposal prohibitions.
No person may knowingly dispose of a cellular telephone except as provided in Section Three herein.

SECTION THREE Disposal and collection of cellular telephones.
Every cellular telephone vendor licensed to do business within the City of St. Louis shall;

(a) accept, at no charge, up to ten used cellular telephones from any person during the normal business hours of such business; or

(b) offer to any person at no charge, the shipping of used cellular telephones to a recycling program conducted by such business. Information about such recycling program shall be readily available at such business locations;

SECTION FOUR. Rules and Regulations.
The Refuse Division shall promulgate rules and regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter, including, but not limited to, establishing a protocol to allow for the Refuse Division to participate in the collection and proper disposal of cellular telephones.

SECTION FIVE. Penalties and Enforcement.

1. Violations of any provision of this Chapter are punishable as follows:

(a) For the first violation, a warning.
(b) For the second violation, a fine of up to $150.00.
(c) For a third and any subsequent violation, a fine of up to $250.00.

2. The provisions of this Chapter shall be enforced by the and may be enforced by any other law enforcement agency having jurisdiction that elects to participate.