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Multnomah County, OR, US

Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/20/08

Source File:


Adopting a Local Purchasing Policy for Goods and Services to Support the Local Economy and Local Job Opportunities

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Finds:

a. Multnomah County seeks to promote economic growth and job creation in Multnomah County and the State of Oregon by supporting local businesses through the purchase of local goods and services by Multnomah County.

b. Multnomah County values a strong, varied and diverse local economy that provides contracting, employment and training opportunities for all individuals.

c. A stable and healthy local economy enhances the livability, job opportunities, and the retention of a highly skilled work force in our community.

d. Studies have shown that on average, 60 cents of every dollar stays in the community when spent at a local business, versus 15 cents of every dollar spent at a non-locally owned business.

e. In April 2001, by Resolution No. 01-052, Multnomah County adopted a joint Global Warming Action Plan with the City of Portland that includes actions addressing purchase of recycled content products and energy efficient equipment and vehicles.

f. In January 2002, the Board approved Ordinance No. 972 to establish the Sustainable Development Commission to “advise and make recommendations to the Jurisdictions’ governing bodies on policies and programs to create sustainable communities and to encourage sustainable development.”

g. In April 2002, by Resolution No. 02-058, Multnomah County adopted a Sustainable Procurement Strategy with the City of Portland that includes actions to advance sustainable purchasing decisions that promote the long-term interests of the community.

h. This strategy is consistent with Resolutions No. 01-052 and No. 02-058, and Ordinance No. 972 in recommending a sustainable procurement strategy that promotes sustainable communities.

i. Multnomah County encourages private enterprise to join us in prioritizing our local businesses and the growth of our economy by increasing their purchases of local goods and services.

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Resolves:

1. In the purchase or lease of any personal property, public improvements or services, Multnomah County shall prefer goods or services that have been manufactured or produced in this state if price, fitness, availability and quality are otherwise equal;

2. Multnomah County will communicate in all bids and proposals the desire to employ Oregon businesses in the purchase or lease of any personal property, public improvements or services; and

3. Multnomah County will communicate in all bids and proposals the desire that the local economy in the State of Oregon be supported and that residents benefit from the resulting local employment opportunities that are generated.

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