St. Joseph County, MI Sustainability Council

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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Our Mission and Focus
The Sustainability Council of St. Joseph County has as its mission to “Provide for the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future!” We intend to do this by promoting a positive climate for business growth in St. Joseph County and our surrounding area. In doing this, we want to encourage the development of an entrepreneurial spirit in our youth and where appropriate in current employees. We desire to achieve this in a way that honors and supports the great people of this region and preserves our marvelous and beautiful environment.

Triple Bottom Line

Promoting systems to improve the quality of life for all people in our region.

Promoting practices that preserve and efficiently utilize the natural environment of our region.

Increasing business profitability and encouraging new ventures.


Action Team
The focus of the Action team is on St. Joseph County's nature trails, bridges, and navigable water ways. This team meets with the River Country Trails Committee. The goal of the Action team is to create a comprehensive plan for leveraging these natural resources in St. Joseph County.

The mission of the E-Team is to promote entrepreneurial business attitudes to sustain and grow regional commerce. This team has the goal of integrating entrepreneurial studies into the 7 through 12 curriculum in all of St. Joseph County. The E-Team also plans work with the Community College to develop an entrepreneurial studies program.

Process Team
The purpose of the Process Team is to assure that all the efforts of the Sustainability Council adhere to the people, planet, and profit. This team also has the responsiblity of promotions, marketing efforts, and fundraising to keep the Council running smoothly. The goal of the Process Team is to educate county residents concerning ways they can help us assure sustainability for our environment, our people, and our businesses.

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