Oklahoma City, OK "This City is Going On A Diet" Initiative

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Oklahoma City, OK, US

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 2007

Source File: http://www.thiscityisgoingonadiet.com/


"This City is Going On A Diet" is a challenge created by Mayor Mick Cornett to the citizens of Oklahoma City to lose One Million Pounds in 2008. The fact that obesity across America is growing faster than our society can cure it has raised particular awareness in Oklahoma City, which is among the top ten of most obese cities in the United States. Mayor Cornett and other community leaders that you will see on this site bring this crisis to the forefront and ask that every citizen in Oklahoma City to get involved!

The City is primed to create a healthier lifestyle with its great park trails for biking, walking and running, and countless wellness runs and walks that support local and national charities. Through this program, the citizens of Oklahoma City will be able to track their individual and citywide progress of weight lost. With resources located on this OKC Million Web site, individuals and teams are encouraged to lose weight and exercise at a pace that is comfortable to them.

Leading by Example

Mayor Mick Cornett has had his own challenge with weight. He has lost 38 pounds since April of 2007. "Everyone wants to feed the Mayor. I was gaining over five pounds a year. Loosing weight is about what you eat. I have to eat less and watch what I eat. If I'm going to speak on obesity, I have to be a better example."

Get Involved!

Together we can become healthier citizens of Oklahoma City. EVERYONE is encouraged to join in the OKC Million community challenge to lose a total of 1,000,000 (ONE MILLION) POUNDS in 2008! Individuals, families, friends, corporations, churches, local organizations, community groups, sports teams, police departments, fire departments and schools are all welcome!