New Pattonsburg, MO Charter of Sustainability

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New Pattonsburg, MO, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 12/8/94

Source File: (Missing)


In accord with the decision to ensure our community's future by its relocation from the flood plain, we, the elected officials and contracted development professionals of Pattonsburg, Missouri, agree to uphold the following principles of sustainability. In doing so, we recognize our responsibility to plan for the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. In good faith with the agencies and organizations supporting our relocation and redevelopment, we will strive to achieve these accepted objectives of sustainability in the areas of economics, ecology and community process.

Objectives for a Sustainable Economy

To build a sustainable and sustaining economic system, providing equitably for our material needs and the needs of future generations, we agree to:

Encourage local ownership by building skills and encouraging entrepreneurial innovation;

In considering distant ownership, seek business people who have demonstrated good citizenship in their local communities;

Build local capacity to support financing of sustainable economic activity;

Consider the full environmental and social impacts of economic decisions;

Encourage ecologically sensitive businesses;

Encourage and give priority to businesses that add to the economic value of regional agricultural and other resources, instead of exporting unprocessed resources to be developed elsewhere;

Capitalize on the economic opportunity presented by New Pattonsburg's proximity to an interstate highway, both as a connection to the transportation network and as a provider of access for new consumers to New Pattonsburg's marketplace.

Objectives for a Sustainable Ecology

To build a sustainable and sustaining ecological system, providing equitably for a thriving human and natural community ourselves and for future generations, we agree to:

Preserve the character and health of our natural environment, using and reusing the materials, energy and water we need as efficiently as possible and eliminating waste;

Utilize clean, renewable resources extracted and processed within the community whenever possible; Preserve and expand the choices of present and future members of our community, providing information and design alternatives that encourage use of sustainable resources, technologies and methods suitable for our environment and culture.

Objectives for a Sustainable Community Process

To build a sustainable and sustaining process that empowers all community members to participate in determining their present and future quality of life, we agree to:

Provide full, accessible information and education on issues that affect the community to all members, including our children;

Sponsor community gatherings, community based committees and other forums that solicit ideas and convictions of the people, encourage the exchange and development of new ideas and promote full and diverse participation in decision making;

Seek consensus within the community to guide the work of leaders and professionals charged with the responsibility of implementing community decisions.


In our capacities as elected officials and contracted development professionals, we agree to uphold the aforementioned principles of sustainability as we carry out our collective responsibility in the relocation and redevelopment of our community. Furthermore, we agree to strive to achieve the specific objectives described in the subsequent section, "Immediate Development Objectives."

(Document Signatures: David Warford, Mayor of Pattonsburg; Richard Mooney, Alderman; William E. Walker, Alderman; Michael Hartley, Alderman; Greg Teel, Alderman; Michael Johns, Executive Director of Green Hills Planning; and, Anthony P. O'Malley, P.E., Principal, Larkin Associates.)

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