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Seattle, WA, US

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Type: Municipal Code

Status: Adopted via ordinance

Source File:


Subtitle III Contracting

Chapter 20.60 - Purchasing and Procurement
Subchapter III Recycled Content Product Procurement Program

SMC 20.60.204 Policies.

A. All departments shall use, where practicable, reusable products, recycled content products and recyclable products. The term "practicable" shall mean that the product performs adequately for its intended use and is available at a fair and reasonable price.

B. The City shall require, whenever practicable, its vendors, contractors and consultants to use recycled content paper on all documents submitted to the City. In addition, the City shall require, whenever practicable, its vendors, contractors, and consultants to use reusable products, recycled-content products and recyclable products. Failure of a vendor, contractor, or consultant to specify how it will comply this requirement may cause the City to determine that a bid is non-responsive.

C. The City shall maintain minimum content standards for the purchase of designated products, as consistent with USEPA and Washington State products and standards.

D. The Director may use recycled material content as a factor in determining the lowest and best bid in its procurement of goods and materials.

E. The Director shall promote the use of recycled content products and recyclable products to potential vendors to the City by publicizing that the City emphasizes the use of environmentally preferable products by its contractors.

F. The Director, through the procedures set forth in SMC Chapter 3.02, is authorized to establish guidelines or rules to further the intent of this section and ordinance.

G. This section shall apply equally to the Director and any department when it acts to acquire any aspects of public works for the City.

H. These policies are intended to be compatible with the strategies and standards of the City's environmental management and sustainable purchasing programs.

I. Existing procurement policies and specifications shall be revised to include recycled content products or recyclable products unless the products do not meet an established performance standard of a department. In such situations, a department must provide the Director with satisfactory evidence that, for technical reasons, and for a particular end use, a product containing such materials will not meet reasonable performance standards.
(Ord. 121720 Sections 1, 4, 2005; Ord. 120794 Section 10(part), 2002: Ord. 120181 Section 46, 2000; Ord. 118397 Section 36, 1996: Ord. 116726 Section 1, 1993: Ord. 116270 Section 4(part), 1992.)

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