Edinburgh, Scotland Biodiversity Action Plan

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Edinburgh, Scotland

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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The second Edinburgh Biodiversity Action Plan was launched on 17th November 2004. This new plan, supersedes the first Edinburgh Biodiversity Action Plan 2000-2004, which still contains much relevant information in this plan. The second Plan was the result of two years of review work carried out by the Edinburgh Biodiversity Partnership. As a result of the review the Partnership identified that the most effective way to deliver action for Edinburgh's biodiversity was to prioritise habitat conservation, which then benefits a wide range of species. In comparison with the first Plan 2000 - 2004, the second Plan contains only 15 species action plans compared with 97 in the first Plan. These 15 are for species requiring specific action which would not be accommodated for by general habitat management. Over the time scale 2004 -2009 the Edinburgh Biodiversity Partnership will be working to implement the actions contained within the Plan. This work will be co-ordinated by the Edinburgh Biodiversity Officer based in the Council. Successful implementation will provide opportunities for both wildlife and people to thrive in a Edinburgh's quality environment.

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