Princeton University, NJ Utilities Emissions Reduction Policies

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Princeton University, NJ, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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Energy Conservation
central power plant & associated infrastructure


  • Jadwin Physics building: HVAC system upgrades will result in anticipated savings of 335 peak tons of cooling, 9000 lbs. of steam/hr. peak heating, 70 kW building electricity peak demand, 340,000 kW annual electric demand, and 1730 tons of CO2 per year
  • Two small steam turbines at Dillon Gym have been installed to make electricity from excess steam pressure
  • Gas compressors in the central plant have been tuned to use less energy when under partial loads
  • Steam turbine driven chiller use has been minimized in favor of electric chillers. This reduces gas burned in duct burners, and CO2 emissions under certain operating conditions
  • Unit efficiency has been increased in chiller #4 evaporator tubes by removing "scale"
  • 110 "venturi" style steam traps were installed to reduce leakage through failed old style traps
  • Steam line insulation program has continued: tunnel near Lockhart Hall is now complete

Comprehensive Programs:

  • Continuous Commissioning of HVAC - will analyze data from existing building automation system to pinpoint efficiency problems in buildings (currently being tested)
  • Lighting
  • 12 buildings were retrofitted with new fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts, LED exit signs, motion sensors, and compact fluorescent bulbs
  • testing prototype "high hat" style lights with new LED fixtures that use only 11 watts
  • testing prototype LED street lights
  • Heat Recovery
  • added to air handler #5 in Lewis Thomas Building
  • Domestic Hot Water Reduction
  • replaced all shower heads and sink aerators in the dormitories with low flow models
  • continued replacement of old dining hall dishwashers with low flow models
  • Metering
  • Installed 4 steam meters and 6 chilled water meters to measure building energy use to help identify waste
  • Roof Replacements
  • University standard has now shifted to white stone ballast instead of dark gray stones to reduce solar heat gain
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • successful implementation of CO2 control of air ventilation in the Friend Center to reduce energy when high ventilation rates are not needed

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic ("solar panel") Technology:

  • Large photovoltaic array (443 kW) installed at the ReCAP library storage facility on the Forestal Campus using a power purchase agreement

Ground Source Heat Pump ("geothermal") technology for heating and cooling:

  • Princeton University Arts Museum storage facility, Forestal Campus (new construction in planning)
  • Arts Neighbornood (new construction in planning)
  • Hibben and Magie housing (renovation in planning)
  • Daycare Center (new construction in planning)
  • Schultz Lab (renovation under review)
  • Lawrence Apartments, graduate housing (already installed)
  • Campus Club renovation (currently being installed)
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