Melbourne, Australia Building Improvement Partnership Program

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Melbourne, Australia

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The Building Improvement Partnership Program aims to improve the energy, water, and waste performance of existing commercial buildings across the city.

The program assists building owners to achieve 4.5-Star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating and 4-Star National Australian Built Environment Rating System.

The commercial sector in the City of Melbourne accounts for approximately 38 per cent of the city’s water consumption, 76 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and more than 102,000 tonnes of waste sent to landfill each year (eight times that of residential waste). Approximately half a commercial building’s energy use is from the base building services (70 per cent heating and air-conditioning and 30 per cent from common area lighting, lifts and hot water).

Water use in base buildings is significant. Cooling towers can account for 30 to 40 per cent of a building’s water use, with amenities (such as taps and toilets) and leakages also accounting for up to 40 per cent each.

Participants receive an initial building assessment to establish the means by which base building works can improve building’s energy and water use performance. Technical assistance is provided to assist implementation, and reassessment will be done to prove the success of building changes. Finance for these retrofits is also available through the Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

The City of Melbourne and its partners are piloting this program with five commercial sites across the city, each of which has now had an energy and water audit and received a report on the opportunities.

The participating sites include:

  • Casseldon Place, 2 Lonsdale Street
  • 242 Exhibition Street
  • 406 Collins Street
  • 200 Queen Street
  • Industry House, 486 Albert Street

Find out more about program:
PDF: Building Improvement Partnership Program (600kb)
RTF: Building Improvement Partnership Program (47kb)