Suffolk County, NY Requiring Full Disclosure on Working Conditions

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Suffolk County, NY, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/28/00 In Favor - 17 Opposed - 0 Absent - 1

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RESOLUTION NO. 232 - 2000

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of Suffolk County to purchase goods and services from responsible and ethical contractors that provide quality products at a competitive price; and

WHEREAS, Suffolk County purchases textiles and apparel for the use of its employees for use in the performance of their professional duties; and

WHEREAS, Suffolk County is cognizant of conditions in the textile and apparel industry in the United States and around the world, which in many cases have been shown to include unhealthy and unsafe working conditions, excessively long hours, below-subsistence wages, persistent disregard for local and international labor laws and workplace regulations, and persistent, systematic repression and violation of fundamental women’s rights, human rights and worker rights; and

WHEREAS, Suffolk County has determined that it will not do business with companies that exploit their workforce in these or any other ways in order to gain competitive advantage; and

WHEREAS, Suffolk County has decided that disclosure of the locations and ownership of the textile and apparel factories will assist Suffolk County in its efforts to evaluate the conditions under which the products it purchases are made; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that it is the policy of Suffolk County to ensure that no textile or apparel goods are purchased, leased or rented for use by any Suffolk County department, office, or employee, unless the contractor providing such goods has fully disclosed to the Division of Purchasing the names and addresses of each subcontractor used, together with a certification stating compliance with the following conditions; and be it further

RESOLVED, that every request for proposal or invitation to bid issued for textiles or apparel by Suffolk County shall contain a requirement that the successful bidder or proposer certify to the County that each subcontractor meets the following standards:

1. Compensation. Wage and benefit levels must be sufficient to meet basic needs and provide some discretionary income for a family of four (a “living wage”).

2. Rights. The company respects worker’s rights to speak out about working conditions without fear of retaliation and to form unions of their own choosing without employer resistance. The company complies with all laws, regulations and applicable standards governing the workplace. The subcontractor does not use child labor, forced labor, or corporal punishment. The company does not discriminate in hiring, promotion, or compensation on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual preference, union affiliation, or political affiliation.

3. Safety and Health. The subcontractors provide a safe and healthy work environment; and be it further

RESOLVED, that within six months after the date of the adoption of this policy, Suffolk County Division of Purchasing shall make available for public inspection all records required to be generated and retained pursuant to this policy; and be it further

RESOLVED, that this policy shall apply prospectively to bids and requests for proposals issued after the effective date of this resolution.