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Rock Hill, SC, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Programs & Events The City of Rock Hill through the Rock Hill Clean & Green Board has a full-time Environmental Educator on staff to teach children and adults alike how they can do their part to keep Rock Hill Clean & Green. Rock Hill Clean & Green partners with York County Collection & Recycling and the Culture & Heritage Museums in providing Environmental Education programs. Education truly is the key to increasing recycling, preventing litter and protecting our environment.

Classroom Presentations A variety of subjects ranging from water quality to recycling to litter prevention are available for all schools in York County. Presentations include:

Environmental Education Liaison Program A liaison network of over 100 teachers throughout York County is maintained to help keep teachers and students in ALL York County schools informed about the environmental education resources and activities that are available to them.

Community Groups and Other Organizations Rock Hill Clean & Green's Environmental Educator is also available to speak to community groups and other organizations about all of the environmental subjects listed above, as well as how recycling and litter prevention works in the City of Rock Hill.

Green Steps Program Rock Hill Clean & Green has partnered with Ebinport Elementary, South Pointe High School and Northwestern High School and the Green Steps Program. Through these projects schools have taken steps toward sustainable environmental programs including recycling, composting and plants in every classroom. For more information see the Green Steps website at