College of William and Mary, VA President's Climate Commitment Act

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College of William and Mary, VA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 9/11/07

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Student Senate Bill 315-033
A Bill of Opinion to express the support of the Student Assembly Senate for The American College and University President’s Climate Commitment

WHEREAS, students and faculty of the College of William and Mary have presented President Gene Nichol with the opportunity to sign the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, committing the College to sustainability and carbon neutrality;

WHEREAS, it has been validated that global warming is occurring and that its primary cause is the burning of fossil fuels, and it is widely accepted that it is therefore our responsibility, as contributors to the problem, to contribute to the solution;

WHEREAS, last spring, over 1,800 William and Mary undergraduate students hand-signed a petition that was presented to President Gene Nichol, calling upon the College administration to:

1.Save money and lessen our impact on the environment by increasing energy efficiency on campus;
2.Decrease our dependence on fossil fuels by pursuing energy from clean, renewable sources; and
3.Set ambitious targets for energy reductions and improvements that fulfill these above goals.

WHEREAS, the expression of Student Assembly support for action on this initiative would provide significant leverage in promoting the adoption and implementation of the above goals and principles;

Now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary –

(1) Expresses its support for this commitment to sustainability and the goal of future carbon neutrality at the College of William and Mary;

(2) Expresses its support for the means to this end, including the decrease of energy consumption, increase of energy efficiency, and the advancement of sustainability and energy education for all students;

(3) Strongly urges the Landscape, Energy, and Environment Committee to endorse this commitment and recommend its implementation to President Gene Nichol;

(4) Strongly urges President Gene Nichol to sign this commitment and position the College of William and Mary as a leader in the advancement of institutional sustainability.