Sammamish, WA Creating an Arts Commission

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Sammamish, WA, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 7/22/03

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WHEREAS, the City of Sammamish wishes to encourage development of the fine and performing arts within the community; and

WHEREAS, in order to promote and facilitate public participation and involvement in the development of the arts in the community the City Council desires to establish a City Arts Commission;


Section 1. Commission Established – Membership.

A. The Sammamish Arts Commission, consisting of seven members appointed and confirmed by a majority vote of the members of the City Council, is established. The term of office shall be four years. Commission members shall be selected for staggered terms as follows: Three Commissioners or their successors will serve a two-year term and four Commissioners or their successors will serve a four-year term. All subsequent appointments shall be for four years, or for the duration of an unexpired term in the case of an appointment to a vacancy. All Commission members’ terms shall expire on December 31st and all successive terms shall commence on January 1st. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms of office.

B. Commission member shall be appointed upon the basis of demonstrated interest in, and knowledge and support of the arts. Members shall serve without salary or other compensations, provided that members shall be reimbursed for necessary expenses actually incurred with prior Administrative approval.

C. Prior to filling each vacancy in the membership of the commission, public notice of available positions shall be provided to the news media at least two week in advance of appointment.

Section 2. Rules of Procedure. The commission shall adopt procedural rules governing the transaction of its business. The rules shall include provisions for the date, time and place of regular meeting of the commission. Provisions shall be made for maintaining minutes of commission meetings and records of all commission reports, conclusions and recommendations. The rules of procedure shall provide for the election of commissions officers, which shall include a chairperson and vice chairperson who shall serve for at least one year. The rules of the commission shall provide that all commission meetings shall be open to the public and that notice of meetings shall comply with the Washington Open Public Meetings Act, to the extent proceedings of the commission are governed by such Act. The procedures shall address receipt and processing of citizen proposals and requests.

Section 3. Authority of Commission. The Arts Commission is authorized to take the following actions:

A. Subject to City Council approval, to encourage, conduct, sponsor or cosponsor public programs to further the development and public awareness of, and interest in, the fine and performing arts;
B. To provide recommendations to the City Council in connection with cultural and artistic endeavors and projects in which the city becomes involved and to act as a representative of the community in such matters.
C. To encourage donations, grants and other support to further expand the arts and cultural services and programs available to the citizens of Sammamish and members of the Sammamish community;
D. To take such other actions as the City Council may direct from time to time.

Section 4. Meetings and staff services.

A. The Arts Commission shall meet regularly at least once per month at a date, time and place to be established by the commission.

B. The City Manager’s Office shall be responsible for providing administrative and staff services for the commission.

C. The commission shall make a report to the City Council regarding its goals, activities and plans at least annually.

Section 5. Severability. If any section, sentence, clause or phrase of this ordinance should be held invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unconstitutionality of any other section, sentence, clause or phrase of this ordinance.

Section 6. Effective Date. This ordinance, or a summary thereof consisting of the title, shall be published in the official newspaper of the City, and shall take effect and be in full force (5) five days after publication.