San Leandro, CA Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor and City Council

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San Leandro, CA, US

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Type: Ballot Initiative

Status: Adopted on 11/7/00 with 63% of the vote

Vote: In Favor - 63% Opposed - 37%

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The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for the offices of Mayor and Council Members of the City shall be elected to such offices, provided that such candidate receives at least 50% plus one of the votes cast for each such office. In the event that no candidate for such elective office of the City receives at least 50% plus one of the votes cast for that office, the City Council shall provide for a run-off vote to determine the person elected. The City Council shall adopt an ordinance establishing a run-off system. The run-off system may include mailed ballots, an instant run-off voting system when such technology is available to the City, or a special run-off election. The ordinance setting forth the run-off system may be amended from time to time for any reason, but no amendment to the ordinance may take effect less than 103 days prior to any municipal election.