Arcata, CA Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission

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Arcata, CA, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Updated on 7/20/05

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SEC. 2219. Creation, Powers and Duties.

The Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission is hereby created. Its powers and duties shall be as follows:

A. To assist any persons who may be affected by the provisions of Arcata Municipal Code Section 5904 (Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Work) in the smooth conversion of jobs, physical plants and other resources to non-prohibited activities.

B. To establish and maintain a publicly accessible contracting database, which shall be used to screen contracts to ensure their compliance with the requirements of Arcata Municipal Code, Title V, Chapter 9 (Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Act) and to assist in the identification of nuclear weapons free contract sources. The contracting data base shall be composed of the most current information available, including reports of contracts with federal agencies known to enter into contracts for nuclear weapons work (specifically including the Departments of Defense and Energy), information obtained from other jurisdictions with nuclear weapons free contracting requirements, and such other information as the City Manager or the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission may consider useful in complying with the requirements of said Act.

C. Conduct studies of existing City contracts, review the annual budget, contract specifications and bidder/vendor lists for the purpose of finding reasonable alternatives and for the purpose of making recommendations as to how the City can avoid the products of nuclear weapons contractors.

D. Conduct studies of City investments of public funds with nuclear weapons contractors for the purpose of seeking alternative investments consistent with current City investment policies and, with the advice of City staff, develop a proposal for complete divestment of public funds from investments with nuclear weapons contractors within the confines of state law and prudent investment policy.

E. Make recommendations to the Council as to further legislative or regulatory actions that may be necessary for full implementation of the purposes of the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Act.

F. Develop and maintain contacts with similar committees in other Nuclear Weapons Free Zones with similar nuclear-free weapons contracting and/or investing requirements.

G. Coordinate the observation of the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Commemoration Day within the City of Arcata during the week of August 6 of each year.

H. Educate the public about nuclear weapons and weapons-related waste.

I. To promote peace, locally and globally, by such activities as follows:

i. Informing troops returning to Arcata from foreign duty about locally available services, such as veteran employment, medical, or social services.

ii. Informing resident members of the armed forces about access to free legal advice and counsel for those who are considering refusal, or who have already refused, to serve in the war on Iraq or other wars.

iii. Working with local school boards and Humboldt State University to limit access of military recruiters to school and college campuses, and to provide equal time for views offering alternatives to military service.

SEC. 2220. Meetings.

The Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission shall hold regular meetings once monthly or as necessary upon the call of the Chair.

SEC. 2220.2. Term.

The annual expiration date of a term for a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission member shall be January 31.

SEC. 2221. Secretary.

The City Manager, or his/her designee, shall serve as the Secretary to the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission.

SEC. 2222. Conflict of Interest Code.

The provisions of the City of Arcata Conflict of Interest Code, Title II, Chapter 8, shall apply to all members of the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission.