El Dorado County, CA Environmental Vision

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El Dorado County, CA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/25/08

Vote: Unanimous

Source File: http://www.co.el-dorado.ca.us/EMD/pdf/Resolution_No_29-2008.pdf



WHEREAS, it has become progressively clear that the global impacts of human consumption and mobility has adversely affected our world's ecosystems; and,

WHEREAS, nations, states, cities and counties are convening to address the issues of greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, global warming and carbon footprints; and,

WHEREAS, the State of California, by unique example, is striving to monitor and limit carbon emissions to improve air quality, and reduce our dependence on landfills, contain methane gas, promote alternative energies, increase recycling, and encourage local governments to adopt green and sustainable practices; and,

WHEREAS, the County of El Dorado would like to do as much within its power to influence, affect and nurture environmentally responsible practices, promote environmental awareness, and set an example for positive change; and,

WHEREAS, positive changes can include economic development opportunities for green industry, new business and corporate attraction, job training and development, expansion of "eco" and agri-tourism, that complements the emission reductions and cost saving benefits of implementing this environmental vision; and,

WHEREAS, the El Dorado County Youth Commission shares this goal and has taken on the task to meet, survey, create and present a comprehensive plan that will affect healthy changes to improve the well-being of our county residents and its resources; and,

WHEREAS, together with the Board of Supervisors, the Youth Commission agrees that El Dorado County is a special place in which to live, play, work, visit, thrive and raise a family and that a healthy environment enhances and improves the quality of life and protects resources for future generations; and,

WHEREAS, a purposeful plan to ensure that future generations enjoy a healthy and beautiful environment will take strong leadership, dedication to an environmental vision, and efforts by individuals, communities, businesses, and governments; and,

WHEREAS, the County of El Dorado must be committed to creating procedures, policies and practices that will promote environmentally responsible changes and improvements both within county government and by positive example for all; and,

WHEREAS, the El Dorado County Youth Commission has identified subjects such as transportation, building, planning, waste management, recycling, energy conservation, air and water quality, agriculture, fire prevention, and education, outreach and awareness, as areas that if proactive measures are implemented significant changes can occur to educate and promote positive environmental improvements.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Supervisors, with the Youth Commission, for the County of El Dorado, does herewith set forth goals to address positive environmental changes including, but not limited to:

1. Transportation, Traffic and Transit -

  • Reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases
  • Promote carpooling and reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Promote pedestrian and bicycling commuting
  • Expand transit opportunities
  • Utilize clean-fueled vehicles for county employees
  • Promote programs and designs that reduce traffic congestion

2. Planning and Construction-

  • Promote the use of clean, recycled, and "green" materials building practices
  • Distribute available environmental education information in construction permit packages including energy and water efficiency in new construction
  • Promote the design of sustainable communities
  • Encourage pedestrian/cycling-incentive planning
  • Involve the Public Health Department in community planning to provide comment on community health
  • Encourage energy-efficient development
  • Updates to the Zoning Ordinance should include provisions to allow and encourage use of solar, wind and other renewable energy resource

3. Waste -

  • Promote recycling and utilization of recycled products
  • County buildings incorporate comprehensive recycling programs
  • County consider green designs and products

4. Energy -

  • Promote the use of alternative fuels and fuel conservation programs
  • Update the county Energy Conservation Policy as needed
  • Promote clean, energy efficient heating and cooling

5. Air Quality -

  • Retrofit or replace woodstoves and fireplaces to reduce particulate emissions
  • Provide incentive rebates to encourage replacement of older woodstoves and fireplaces with cleaner burning devices to improve wintertime air quality
  • Support and promote forest practices and fuels reduction programs that help prevent wildfire and provide biomass for alternative energy

6. Water Quality -

  • Promote and support water conservation and reuse practices
  • Promote and support best management practices to protect water quality

7. Education, Outreach and Awareness -

  • Engage all county departments to maximize education and outreach programs that encourage awareness and action to implement recommendations contained herein
  • Link community design with the long-term health of our citizens
  • Provide information to the public on the El Dorado County Environmental Vision and the recommendations contained herein.

8. Agriculture

  • Encourage and support the use of integrated pest management techniques to reduce environmental impacts
  • Encourage sustainable agricultural practices through the use of environmentally intelligent planning of development and growth that supports and protects viable working landscapes.
  • Maintain biodiversity through the continued identification, control and eradication of invasive species.