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Green Purchasing Policy, Georgia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in 2004

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Georgia Tech has had a Green Purchasing Policy since 2004 and provides education to administrative and management personnel to support the policy.

In conjunction with a Green Purchasing Policy, Georgia Tech students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to reduce and reuse first. The "greenest" purchasing is often avoiding the use or consumption of items. One department on campus has cut the number of printers they have in half. This reduces energy, paper, equipment, and ink costs. Secondly, they make proactive efforts to not print. They have cut their printing levels and even set limits on the amount of printing allowed per student. Additionally, they have audited their printers and ensured that the printers they do have are the most energy and ink efficient. They recycle their print cartridges through their vendor's free recycling program. They recycle their toners through Tech's partnership with the Bobby Dodd Foundation.

We have proactively encouraged the purchase and use of Energy Star certified products since the early 2000's. An energy-efficient appliance purchasing policy will be implemented requiring the purchase of Energy Star products in all areas for which such ratings exist and are available under state purchasing contracts and regulations an one of Georgia Tech's Tangible Action Items under the President's Climate Commitment..

Georgia Tech has been buying green cleaning products since 2004 and has moved to Green Seal Certified paper products in our restrooms. For information on purchasing green cleaning products, contact Tommy Little, Judy Whitfield or Marcia Kinstler.