Kentucky State University Environmental Policy

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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  • Enhance energy awareness and increase the environmental responsibility of the University community.
  • Aim to improve management of waste produced on campus and promote recycling programs whenever feasible.
  • Maximize campus energy efficiency, as well as other resources such as water.
  • Create and form partnerships between the University and those directly associated with and affected by actions of the University to communicate and demonstrate the University’s commitment regarding environmental and energy conservation issues.

Kentucky State University is committed to national and state wide environmental and energy initiatives. The University’s commitment to environmental protection, responsibility and stewardship is reflected in many of its teaching, research and community outreach activities. The University shall continue to promote a strong environmental focus, and expand its reputation as an environmentally responsible institution.

The first responsibility for adherence to this policy lies with the faculty, staff members and students directly involved. If there is reason to believe that this policy is not being adhered to, the matter should be reported to the administrator of Facility Operations for investigation and resolution. If the matter cannot be resolved at that level, it should be referred to the next higher administration level for resolution.