Bridgewater State College, MA Campus Climate Action Group

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Bridgewater State College, MA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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The Campus Climate Action Group is the result of faculty, staff, and students at Bridgewater State College combining forces to promote an environment where equity and diversity are truly valued beyond verbal commitments and mere tolerance.

Mission Statement
The Campus Climate Action Group moves the Bridgewater State College community forward on the diversity continuum of tolerance, understanding, acceptance, respect, appreciation and celebration of differences. It provides opportunities to learn about those differences and teaches positive ways of interaction with individuals from diverse backgrounds enabling all members of the college to work, live and study in a safe and positive environment.

Campus Climate Action Group Plan
The Campus Climate Action Group has developed a two year plan which emphasizes a campus-wide visibility "building bridges" campaign. It is our hope that more people who believe in our mission statement and vision will want to become members and participate in our upcoming events, training and educational programs.

Campus Climate Action Group Logo
The logo for the Campus Climate Action Group is a bridge. The bridge implies "building bridges" between individuals and groups who live and work at Bridgewater State College.