Pittman Center, TN Invasive Plant Management Ordinance

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Pittman Center, TN, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 7/17/03

Source File: http://landuse.law.pace.edu/landuse/documents/laws/reg4/Reg4_TN_PittmanCenter_InvasivePlant.doc


An Ordinance for Invasive Plant Management for The Town of Pittman Center

Whereas, The Town of Pittman Center considers natural beauty of open space, free flowing streams, and scenic beauty of ridges, mountain tops and valleys to be important to the aesthetic values associated with the community, now therefore, be it ordained by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the Town of Pittman Center that:

Section 1.
Exotic invasive plants have demonstrated the capacity to significantly impact the natural vegetation, wildlife habitat, and natural character of the Town of Pittman Center as well as adjoining Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Town of Pittman Center declares that exotic invasive plants, listed as "Severe Threats" and "Significant Threats" by the Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council (TEPPC) in their most recent list, are to be controlled and managed through encouragement and education of citizens and builders. Pursuant to issuance of any development permit, the permit will be given to "insure and encourage quality development that does not conflict with, but enhances our unique relationship with the Great Smoky Mountains National park". A list of these exotic plant species will be given at time of permit issuance.

Section 2.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen declare Pittman Center to be a Weed Management Area and they support the TEPPC in their efforts to use native and non-invasive exotic species in landscaping and discourage the use of invasive pest plants. The following regulations are intended to reduce the threat of exotic invasive plants to natural areas around Pittman Center and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Section 3.

a. Pittman Center deems it necessary to specifically discourage plants identified by the TEPPC Severe Threat List – the species that spread easily into native plant communities and thereby displace native vegetation; and the Significant Threat List – invasive plant species that spread less easily from disturbed sites into undisturbed areas. A list of such species is hereby referred to by reference.

b. Plant species from the List are henceforth referred to as "prohibited plants" and will be discouraged from sale by nursery owners and prohibited from installation by nursery owners in the Town of Pittman Center for use in landscaping. Also, citizens finding invasive or prohibited plants on their property will be expected to assist the Town in an eradication and control program.

c. In order to receive a permit to build, the person requesting said permit will be encouraged to treat and remove prohibited plants from the permit site to assure their eradication or reasonable control. The permit will also state that repeated treatments of "prohibited plants" is necessary in order to help native species survive and control "prohibited plants."

d. Where "prohibited plants" are already established, their management and removal will be encouraged and facilitated by the Town of Pittman Center through education and example.

Section 4.
This ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, the public welfare requiring it.